Dear rowing friends, welcome to Belgrade!


Dear rowing friends,

Welcome to Belgrade!

We are very pleased to have the chance to accommodate some of the best rowers in the world. The organization of the 2014 European Championships is a great honor and acknowledgement for our rowing community. We are happy about the great results that the competitors will achieve during these Championships, for the new friendships that will be made and for the old ones that will grow even stronger. Belgrade and the Serbian rowing world await you with open arms!

Tragic climate disasters have recently struck Serbia and have taken away numerous lives and made catastrophic material damage. Even though this catastrophe has made the organization of this event more complicated, although has not endangered it. All of the public offices in Belgrade and Serbia are doing their best to tend to the devastating consequences of this flood. If any participants of this event wish to help, in the attachment you can find the international payment assistance ( We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Our special thanks goes out to the Dutch National Team, and especially to the female lightweight single sculler Marie-Ann Frenken, who has truly touched us with her participation in helping us and has shown a great interest in helping Serbia.

Dear fiends, thank you for believing in us! Thank you for coming!

We wish you a successful competition, many great results, good fun and plenty of unforgettable moments in Our Belgrade!


Organizing Committee of the 2014 European Rowing Champioships

Serbian Rowing Federation